Advanced Political Economy II

GECO 6205 - Syllabus

The Economic Analysis of Advanced Capitalism II

This course is concerned with the analysis of advanced capitalism. Although it will begin with a survey of the state of the global economy, its focus will be on the structure and dynamics of the center. The turbulent dynamics of the system, which express themselves as order generated in-and-through disorder, will be shown to give rise to patterns of recurrence over a wide variety of domains. In this course we will examine the empirical evidence and the theoretical claims of classical, neoclassical, and postkeynesian theories concerning the determination of prices, profits, production, interest rates, stock market prices, exchange rates and international trade. A subsequent course may extend the discussion to the analysis of money, credit, effective demand, growth, unemployment, inflation, technical change, cycles, long waves, and recurrent crises. A prior background is required in first year graduate macroeconomics and microeconomics, and in the history of economic thought.