Eminent Economists II, Their Life and Work Philosophies

Edited by Michael Szenberg and Lall Ramrattan

eminent economists 11Click here to read Anwar Shaikh's Biography in Eminent Economists II.

The first edition of the volume, (1992) – still in print and a bestseller, was published to critical acclaim and translated into eight languages. It included essays by Maurice Allais, Kenneth Arrow, William Baumol, Kenneth Boulding, James Buchanan, Gerard Debreu, Lawrence R. Klein, Paul A. Samuelson, Herbert Simon, Robert Solow, and Jan Tinbergen. Nine of the eleven listed are Nobel Laureates.

The current edition includes essays by Harry Markowitz, Myron Scholes, Sir James Mirrlees, Eric Maskin, Vernon Smith, Martin Feldstein, Avinash Dixit, Kevin Murphy, Paul Davidson, Angus Deaton, Jagdish Bhagwati, Anwar Shaikh, John Campbell, Peter Diamond, Ken Rogoff, Jeff Sachs, Richard Freeman, Anne Krueger, Jeremy Siegel, Jeffrey Frankel, Ben Friedman, Peter Kenen, and Edward Prescott. Seven of these listed in the present edition are Nobel Laureates: Markowitz, Scholes, Mirrlees, Smith, Diamond, and Prescott.