Macroeconomic Theory

The Current Economic Crisis: Causes and Implications

Prepared for the Labor Notes Conference, Detroit, and in Against the Current. [Download PDF 4.1MB] [Spanish Translation PDF 956KB]

Explaining Inflation and Unemployment: An Alternative to Neoliberal Economic Theory

in Contemporary Economic Theory, Andriana Vachlou (ed.), Macmillan, London. [Download PDF 297KB] [Spanish Translation PDF 704KB]

A Dynamic Approach to the Theory of Effective Demand

in Profits, Deficits and Instability, D. Papadimitriou (ed.), The Macmillan Press Ltd., London. [Download PDF 454KB]

Wandering Around the Warranted Path: Dynamic Nonlinear Solutions to the Harrodian Knife-Edge

in Kaldor and Mainstream Economics: Confrontation or Convergence? (Festschrift for Nicolas Kaldor), Edward J. Nell and Willi Semmler, The Macmillan Press Ltd. [Download PDF 316KB]